The launch of CORE-USA

By Sarah Thomas, CORE USA | 10 Mar 2017

We have had many enquiries from teachers in the US, but until now we have had limited resources to be able to help American institutions that want to adopt CORE. That is set to change, because The Teagle Foundation has awarded Rajiv Sethi and his colleagues Homa Zarghamee and Belinda Archibong at Barnard College for a three-year project worth $290,000 to launch CORE-USA.

Rajiv explains in detail what CORE-USA hopes to achieve here in his blog but, in brief, it has the following objectives:


  • We will identify of a set of institutional partners in the US who share our commitment to teach economics differently.
  • We will create The CORE Consortium, is a membership program for institutions willing to enter into a long-term, multi-year commitment to support faculty and graduate students using CORE.
  • The CORE Consortium will host workshops on a rotating basis.
  • We will also identify what Rajiv calls: “a cadre of confident, networked, new PhDs excited about making teaching a fulfilling and central part of their career in economics”. When this group completes a workshop, they will be certified as CORE-Teagle fellows. The certification for these new teachers will, we hope, act as a badge of quality.


The first workshop will take place at Barnard College in August. We hope that CORE-USA will provide a model to help us help institutions and teachers globally. If you would like to find out more about the plans for CORE-USA, check out Rajiv’s explanation of the project, or contact him at Barnard College by emailing rsethi[at]

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