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As part of its strategy to improve the teaching of economics, CORE is now seeking to expand its outreach and impact in the United States. It is doing so in collaboration with Barnard College, which has received funding from the Teagle Foundation for this purpose.

A new generation of teachers

We want to create a cadre of confident, networked, new PhDs excited about making teaching a fulfilling and central part of their careers in economics, and so CORE USA will hold a series of workshops to bring together instructors who already have experience implementing CORE, and a larger group of potential adopters. Graduate students who complete a workshop will become certified CORE-Teagle Fellows, which will be a signal of their commitment to quality teaching for their future employers, at liberal arts colleges, public policy schools and in economics departments.

These future teachers will be selected through a competitive application process which will require them to show both their exceptional promise in teaching, but also their scholarship potential. CORE-Teagle Fellows will not only be exceptional teachers, but also talented researchers.

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A dynamic group of institutions

We also want to identify the institutional partners who share our desire to improve economics education, and who want to use high-quality, open-access instructional content. So we are also launching the CORE Consortium, a membership program for institutions who want to enter in a long-term, multi-year commitment to support faculty and graduate students using CORE, and host workshops on a rotating basis.

By the end of the 36-month period covered by the Teagle grant, we hope to have at least half a dozen institutions on board as members, as well as a leadership team and an administrative structure.

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