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The new CORE EQuSS project addresses the need for fluency among citizens in the language of economics and the quantitative analysis of social policy.

Economics as a Quantitative Social Science (EQuSS) is designed for students in a wide range of social science degree programmes who are often discouraged from studying economics by the abstract, theoretical approach of traditional courses. Like CORE’s The Economy, EQuSS will motivate learning the tools of economics by using real problems of climate change, inequality, innovation and the future of work, financial instability, and more.

It will show that economics can be both social – rooted in real problems facing society – and quantitative. Students will gain confidence in valuable data-handling and analysis skills that help them understand the economy, are transferable to other subjects, and will enhance their employability.

CORE EQuSS will also appeal to students in business degrees because of its focus on strategic behaviour and on the use of data to establish what works in company and government policies.

The three-year project, supported by the Nuffield Foundation, will create and test an interactive ebook together with an integrated set of data-based projects. All material will be free online.

We will also evaluate the course as it is developed. We want to find out if our course produces students with an improved understanding of economics, but who are also and are able to engage critically with questions of fundamental importance to the societies in which they live. We also want to find out whether they are more likely to continue studies consistent with this objective, and perhaps eventually (for some) take up careers in public policy, including research.

The beta version of EQuSS will be ready for classroom testing in the autumn of 2018.

If you would like to enquire about joining our group of pilot institutions, or to sign up for the CORE EQuSS newsletter, contact us at