Latest press coverage on the CORE Project. Hanc ego assentior, cum teneam sententiam, quid bonum esse vult, summumque malum et.

Free thinking: Britain’s economy


Panel featuring Wendy Carlin discusses topics including whether academic economics accurately reflects the business world, and whether it prepares students to be good economists.

Esta Economia não é para novos


Portuguese business magazine discusses the contribution to curriculum reform of The CORE Project and the work of steering committee member Sam Bowles, among others. In Portuguese, requires subscription.

The trouble with economics


Diane Coyle and Andrew Haldane discuss how academics and teachers have responded to demands for a new curriculum. It describes CORE, saying it “combines some fundamental tools of economic analysis with history, real world examples and issues of political economy such as power in the workplace, monopoly and ethics.” Paywall.


Teaching economics after the crash


The Guardian’s senior economics commentator Aditya Chakrabortty investigates how academics have responded to the economic crisis. Features interviews with Wendy Carlin and CORE contributor Diane Coyle.