Latest press coverage on the CORE Project. Hanc ego assentior, cum teneam sententiam, quid bonum esse vult, summumque malum et.

Making a push for fresh economics syllabi


Article for India’s second-largest English-language newspaper on economics curriculum, featuring interview with Wendy Carlin on innovations of CORE, soon to be introduced at Azim Premji University in Bangalore. Today’s students are being taught inappropriate models for understanding modern macroeconomic development, she says: “And because those standard models became the easy thing to teach everyone learnt them. Somehow, nobody quite asked why.”

Real-life economics


CORE contributor Margaret Stevens replies to the 7 February Economist article to emphasise that the solution to narrow orthodoxy is to “set economic questions in social, political, ethical and behavioural contexts… I want to teach my students to be economists, not adherents of one or more schools of thought.”

Nichts gelernt aus der Finanzkrise


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on whether we have “learned nothing from the financial crisis”. Interviews Wendy Carlin. In German, paywall. English translation here.

Free thinking: Britain’s economy


Panel featuring Wendy Carlin discusses topics including whether academic economics accurately reflects the business world, and whether it prepares students to be good economists.