Latest press coverage on the CORE Project. Hanc ego assentior, cum teneam sententiam, quid bonum esse vult, summumque malum et.

Changing how economics is taught


Wendy Carlin replies to a BBC Global Business documentary on the need for a change in economics teaching. “Change is well under way,” she writes.

Pragmatism works best in the reform of economics


John Kay reports on the curriculum reform debate at the Paris INET conference which featured CORE. Economics, he concludes, is “not like philosophy or literary criticism, where the value for both students and researchers lies mainly in the debate itself, rather than the acquisition of a body of specific practical knowledge.”

Premji varsity introducing new syllabus


The Times of India carries an interview with Venu Narayan, director of the School of Liberal Studies and Strategic Development at Azim Premji University, which begins teaching CORE in July. Why CORE? “The existing UG syllabus for economics is too narrowly designed. We do not have a negative agenda of rejecting everything that exists; our aim is to enrich the experience and give India a modern perspective,” he says.